Library is closed to public but we are offering Curbside services

As per provincial orders, library will be closed to public until further notice but it does not mean we are not here for you! Check out our curbside services tab on main navigation bar for details!

2020 Year End Survey

2020 has been rough. End is almost in sight though!

Please tell us how we did in this terrible, horrible, very bad year to help us prepare for 2021.


Please rate your level of comfort in visiting library in person. 1 being very risky and 5 being very safe.

Current measures in place:

1. All items are quarantined for 7 days before returning to shelf.

2. Staff wear mask and face shield when interacting with patrons.

3. Circulation desk, computer stations, washroom. and nooks in study area are disinfected upon use.

4. There is a limit on number of patrons who can be in library at the same time.

5. Social distancing lines are marked on floor.

6. Programs have moved to virtual setting.

Please indicate your level of satisfaction with our services

What would you like us to buy more of in 2021? Genre, specific subject, title, or authors. All suggestions are welcome!

Please indicate your level of satisfaction regarding our staff