Computer Resources

Computer Resources

Books in our library:

  • J 004.67 PED - Internet for Kids: A Beginner's guide to surfing the net - by Ted Pederson
  • 005.432 BOY - Windows XP: Answers from the experts - by Jim Boyce
  • 004.69 LEV - The Internet for dummies - by Carol Baroudi
  • 005.369 HAR - Excel 2000 for Windows for dummies - by Greg Harvey

Helpful Websites:

  • Microsoft Help and Support
    Go to this site to look up the answers to your questions on any Microsoft product.
  • EHow - Computers
    Registration is required, but you may find the checklists for cleaning a PC's interior and evaluating a used system helpful.
  • Introduction to the Internet Tutorial
    An approximately 5 minute online tutorial created by Calgary Education.
  • Creating filtering rules in Email
    This can reduce spam. Can be used to target the subject, text, to or from addresses in messages sent to you. Includes examples from several popular email applications. Check the Help information on your email client, or contact your email provider.
  • Safe Kids -- The Online Safety Project
    Tips, advice and suggestions to make your family's online experience fun and productive!  

One on One Basic Technical Help

Call in or talk to our programmer to book an appointment for help with your laptop, tablet, phone or other electronic device. They will do their best to answer your questions and help you out.