Redemption by David Baldacci - fiction 
Come Sundown by Nora Roberts - fiction 
Letters From Peaceful Lane by Janet Daily - fiction 
The Pharaoh Key by Douglas Preston - fiction 
Between You & Me by Susan Wiggs - romance 
Secrets Of The Tulip Sisters by Susan Mallery - romance 
Swan Point by Sherryl Woods - romance 
Four Hours Of Fury: The Untold Story Of World War II's Largest Airborne Invasion and The Final Push Into Nazi Germany by James Fenelon - non-fiction 
The Edge Of Every Day: Sketches Of Schizophrenia by Marin Sardy - non-fiction 
Understanding Northwest Coast Indigenous Jewelry: The Art, The Artists, The History  by Alexander Dawkins - indigenous non-fiction
Gone Are The Days - DVD
The Adventures Of Egg Box by Richard Adams - picture book
The Night The Forest Came To Town by Charles Ghigna - picture book
You Can Make A Friend, Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen - easy level 1
The paintin' Pistoleer by Walker Tompkins - large print