Fear: Trump In The White House by Bob Woodward - non-fiction
12 Rules For Life: An Antidote To Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson - non-fiction 
A Parade Of Elephants - picture book
Akihciketan isko mitataht = Let's Count To Ten - indigenous non-fiction picture book
At The Pond - picture book
Ayenanew = Eight - indigenous non-fiction picture book
Big Nate Goes Bananas - junior graphic novel
City Of Ghosts - junior 
Dark Alchemy by Laura Bickle - fiction 
Dead Aim by Dusty Richards - western 
Dig, Dump, Roll - picture book
Dinosaurs In Action! - junior graphic novel
Dog Man 5: Lord Of The Fleas - junior graphic novel 
Fox And Squirrel Help Out - picture book
Here We Are: Notes For Living - picture book
Hide-And-Seek - easy level1
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - DVD
Keka mitataht = Nine - indigenous non-fiction picture book
Kilkenny by Louis L'Amour - western
Le Mystere Du Papyrus Noir - french junior 
Learn To Count With Northwest - board book
Louis L'Amour's Lost Treasures Volume 1 by louis L'Amour - fiction 
Mercury Retrograde by Laura Bickle - fiction 
Misunderstood Shark: Starring Shark! - picture book
Mitataht = Ten - indigenous non-fiction picture book
Miyoskamin = Spring - indigenous non-fiction picture book
Newo = Four - indigenous non-fiction picture book
Nikocispiten... nikocispitaw... = I Taste... - indigenous non-fiction picture book
Nikotwasik = Six - indigenous non-fiction picture book
Nipasaw... nipason = I Smell... - indigenous non-fiction picture book
Nipin = Summer - indigenous non-fiction picture book
Nisaminaw... = I Touch... - indigenous non-fiction picture book
Niso = Two - indigenous non-fiction picture book
Nispehtawaw... = I Hear... - indigenous non-fiction picture book
Nisto = Three - indigenous non-fiction picture book
Niwapamaw... = I See... - indigenous non-fiction picture book
Niyanan = Five - indigenous non-fiction picture book
Paid In Blood by William W. Johnstone - western
Peyak = One - indigenous non-fiction picture book
Philippines - junior 
Pipon = Winter - indigenous non-fiction picture book
Sleepy, The Goodnight Buddy - picture book
Stagecoach To Purgatory: The Violent Days Of Lou by Peter Branduold - western
Stand Proud: And Eyes Of The Hawk by Elmer Kelton - western
Takwakin = Autumn - indigenous non-fiction picture book
Tanisi kisikaw anoch = What Is The Weather Today? - indigenous non-fiction picture book
Tepakohp = Seven - indigenous non-fiction picture book 
The Bad Guys - junior 
The Bad Guys In Attack Of The Zittens - junior 
The Bad Guys In Intergalactic Gas - junior 
The Bad Guys In Mission - junior 
The Bad Guys In The Furball - junior 
The Big Book Of Mod Podge: Decoupage Made Easy - non-fiction 
The Chuckwagon Trail by William W. Johnstone - western
The Codfish Drteam: Chronicles Of A West Coast Fishing Guide by David Giblin - non-fiction 
The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena - fiction 
The Fallacy Detective: Thirty-Eight Lessons On How To Recognize Bad Reasoning - junior 
The Golden Tower - junior 
The Overloads:And The Wild Ones by Matt Braun - western
This Book - board book 
Welcome To Robot Town - picture book
When Martha's Away Lionel Will Play - picture book
\Where The Watermelons Grow - junior 
You're Finally Here! - picture book
A Great Reckoning by Louise Penny - large print 
A Home In The Barn - picture book
Survivors: A Packed Divided - junior 
Archie Vol. 1: The New Riverdale - young adult graphic novel
Archie Vol. 3 - young adult graphic novel
Chancy by Louis L'Amour - western
Survivors: Dead Of Night - junior 
Drama - junior graphic novel
Geronimo Stilton: Lost In Translation - junior 
God Is Young: A Conversation With Thomas Leoncini by Pope Francis - non-fiction 
Good Night, Biscuit - board book
Harry Potter A L'ecole Des Sorciers - french junior 
Harry Potter Et La Chambre Des Secrets - french junior 
Harry Potter Et La Coupe De Feu - french junior 
Harry Potter Et Le Prince De Sang-Mele - french junior 
Harry Potter Et Le Prisonnier D'Azkaban - french junior 
Harry Potter Et Les Reliques De La Mort - french junior
Harry Potter Et L'ordre Du Phenix - french junior 
Hello World: Being Human In The Age Of Algorithms by Hannah Fry - non-fiction
Hotel Transylvania - DVD
If You Had A Jetpack - picture book
Survivors: Into The Shadows - junior
Mojave Crossing by Louis L'Amour - western
Survivors: Red Moon Rising - junior 
Rituals by Kelly Armstrong - fiction 
Sisters - junior graphic novel
Smile - junior graphic novel
The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood - fiction 
The Legend Of Perley Gates by William W. Johnstone - western
The Valerons - No Boundaries! by Terrell L. Bowers - western
27: The Legend And Mythology Of The 27 Club by Gene Simmons - non-fiction
A Dog Named Doug - picture book
Crash, Splash, Or Moo! - picture book
Everyday ABC - board book
The Agony House by Cherie Priest - young adult graphic novel
The Berenstain Bears Respect Each Other - easy level 1
Circe by Madeline Miller - fiction
Extreme Costume Makeup: 25 Creepy & Cool Step-By-Step Demos by Brian and Nick Wolfe - non-fiction 
# Do Not Disturb: How I Ghosted My Cell Phone To Take Back My Life by Jedediah Bila - non-fiction 
The Hotel Between - junior 
Timeless by R.A. Salvatore - fiction
The Dreamer - picture book
A Spark Of Light by Jodi Picoult - fiction
Anya Goes To Nigeria - picture book non-fiction
Crossfire by Matt Braun - western 
Hunt For The Bamboo Rat by Graham Salisbury - young adult 
Nigeria - picture book non-fiction
Philippines - junior non-fiction 
The Geek's Cookbook: Easy Recipes Inspired By Pokemon, Harry Potter, Star Wars, And More! by Liguori Lecomte - non-fiction 
The House At Saltwater Point by Colleen Coble - inspirational 
Sound: A Memoir Of Hearing Lost And Found by Bella Bathurst - non-fiction 
Do You Believe In Unicorns? - picture book
A Boy And A House - picture book
A Matter Of Trust by Susan May Warren - fiction 
A Pony For A Princess - easy level 2
Anne's Colors: Inspired By Anne Of Green Gables - board book
Bronto's Search For Dad - board book
Can A Cat Do That? - easy level 1
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie - DVD
Dangerous Illusions by Irene Hannon - fiction 
Dinner For Dinos - board book
Don't Feed The Bear - picture book
Ears - board book
Eloise Throws A Party - easy level 1
Following The Trail Of Marco - junior graphic novel 
Fright School - picture book
Gekko Saves The City - easy level 1
Hotel Transylvania 2 - DVD
Kiowa Trail by Louis L'Amour - western 
Looking Up!: The Science Of Stargazing - easy level 3
Man Called Noon by Louis L'Amoour - western 
Marvel Universe Deadpool & Wolverine - junior graphic novel
Meet The Enchantimals - easy level 2
Monster Trucks - board book
Mouse Loves Fall - easy level 1
My Friend Moe - board book
Pan De Sal Saves The Day: A Filippino Children's Story - picture book
Pirate Boy - board book
Poppies Of Iraq by Brigitte Findakly - fiction
Puddle Pug - board book
Rescue Me by Susan May Warren - fiction 
See Pip Flap - easy level 1
Silver Canyon by Louis L'Amour - western
Splat The Cat Gets A Job! - easy level 2
Spot The Difference: In The Park - board book
Step By Step - board book
The Big Red Rock - picture book
The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah - audio book
The House On Foster Hill by Jaime Jo Wright - inspirational 
The Iron Trail - junior 
The Ladies Of Ivy Cottage by Julie Klassen - fiction 
Things That Go - board book
This Makes Me Angry - easy level 2
Unstoppable Me - board book
Where Is Robin? - easy level 1
The Bad Guys In Do-You-Think-He-Saurus?! - junior
The Key To Everything - junior