Safe Surfing


Just as there are dangers when surfing in the ocean, there are dangers when surfing the Internet.

Kid's can surf safely on the Internet if they remember some of these simple rules:

  1. Some websites are only meant for adults, not kids. You can ask your parents where you should or shouldn't be.
  2. You can talk to your parents about putting a filter on your computer to block the bad sites. Sometimes pop-up Ads lead you to bad sites. Tell your parents if this happens.
  3. The Web is fun to surf but some people who use the Web try to hurt people. People can do this in Chat Rooms or messenger services.
  4. Never give out your personal information (Name, Phone Number, Address, Picture, Passwords) to anyone on the Internet, especially in Chat Rooms.
  5. The only personal information you are allowed to share is your username.
  6. Never agree to meet any of your Chat Room friends in person. If someone asks to meet you, tell your parents.
  7. Don't spend all your time on the computer, go outside and play!

Kids and Parents can surf safe. Check out these great sites: