Curbside Pick Up

Before You Request Curbside Pick UP

1. Do not request curbside pick up if you have COVID related symptoms or returned from outside of Alberta within last 14 days.

2. If you or member of your household is immune compromised or otherwise susceptible for COVID19 infection, please use caution

3. After you pick up your items, please remember to wash your hands before and after handing the library material for the first 3 days. 

Step1: Place hold

You can place hold on items through 3 different ways

1. You can place hold on items through TRAC. For instruction on how, please click here

2. You can place hold on items through phone. Phone us at 780-645-4904 to place hold on items.

3. You can place hold on items through this web form!

Step2: Check Up On Your Hold Status

When you place an item on hold, it may take some time for the item to come in depending on where the item is. If you have placed a hold on item that is already at the library, you may skip this step.

Normally, you will receive a notification from us when your hold item arrives at library. You can also check up on your hold status online at TRAC

Step 3: Arrange Pick Up

When your requested item is on hold for you at the library, you can contact library to request curbside pick up.

You can arrange pick up by:

1. Phone (780-645-4904) us with your account information ready. We may ask for your phone number or library card number along with your name for verification.




2. Fill out the curbside pick up request form below to arrange for pick up. We will get back to you within 1 business day.

Curbside Pick Up

Need curbside pick up? Let us know by filling out our form. Someone will get back to you ASAP.

If you wish us to contact you by phone, please give us your phone number.

Please give us a date that is most convenient for you to stop by.

Please fill this part out if you have not placed hold on items prior to filling out this form