Library closure

We are closed to the public as of April 7th. Please use our curbside services for your needs.

Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

Please phone us at 780-645-4904 or stop by the library to book equipment. We allow advanced bookings.

You will required to read and sign respective rental agreement form when you come to pick up the equipment


Loan period for projector and screen is 2 business days. Any additional days will be charged accordance to rate upon renting.


$25.00 (+$10.00 per each additional day)


$25.00 (+$10.00 per each additional day)

**Replace and damage fines are set to the cost of purchasing new ones to replace the damaged items.

**Please note that you will need to give us deposit cheque on the items upon rental. Your cheque will be returned to you when you bring equipment back,