Eileen Schuh

Author Information

Current Residence: St. Paul, Alberta

Hometown: Tofield, Alberta

Canadian author Eileen Schuh is known for her exploration of social issues and the human psyche, thrilling elements of crime, and surprisingly satisfying endings.

She has published four novels in her young adult BackTracker series—THE TRAZ (which also comes in a School Edition), FATAL ERROR, FIREWALLS, and OPERATION MAXTRACKER. She's also the proud author of two adult SciFi novellas, SCHRÖDINGER'S CAT and DISPASSIONATE LIES, and the adult crime novel, SHADOW RIDERS.

Born and raised as Eileen Fairbrother in Tofield, Alberta Canada and with ties to Edmonton and Strathcona County, Schuh now lives with her husband near St. Paul in Alberta's northern boreal forests.

Schuh recently retired from a life of careers that varied from psychiatric nurse to journalist to editor to business woman. She remains active in her adopted community of St. Paul and is surrounded by the love and loyalty of family, friends and fans—virtual, imaginary, and real.



Between the Sun and the Rainbow

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Nine-year-old Danielle’s parents are getting divorced and she doesn’t think things can get any worse. Then, in a bitter custody battle, she’s torn from her comfortable life in Toronto and finds herself in a rustic cabin on Alberta’s prairie. Little by little healing takes hold as she masters the challenges of nature, rural community, and farm life.


After divorce, Danielle's mother takes her and her older brother, Jayson, thousands of kilometers from their Toronto home to the old family homestead on the Alberta prairie. Inside and outside of the rundown shack that is now home, everything is strange and frightening.

Her mother says they will connect with nature on the farm and begin to heal but to Danielle, it seems a very painful way to heal.

Little by little, however, she learns about herself, her ancestors, and what a family is all about. With help from her new community, her pets, and those who love her, she just might begin to find the peace and happiness she needs.




Book 1 of BackTracker Series

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THE TRAZ is as daring, raw, and spirited as the young heroine.

It’s exhilarating entertainment but it also contains a vital message for those on the cusp of maturity and for the adults who guide them.




Katrina is thirteen, an orphan, grieving and alone. But she is more than that. She’s intelligent, beautiful, wealthy, and intrigued by the dangers of street life. Shrug’s a giant of a man with a voice of thunder and eyes of granite. He has tattoos, a leather jacket with The Traz gang patch, and a motorbike. When he asks Katrina if she wants a ride, she makes a decision that will change her life forever. Katrina quickly discovers the violent and horrifying side of life on The Traz compound. But there is no way for her to escape until she meets Chad—an undercover cop with rich brown eyes, a gentle chuckle, and a plan to get Katrina safely out of the clutches of the gang. However, there’s a problem…somebody is keeping dangerous secrets from them both. 


"Raw and emotional with fast-paced, gripping tension, The Traz is a must-read for 'tweens, teens and parents."
--Cheryl Kaye Tardif, bestselling author of Children of the Fog

"Schuh creates complex characters and raw dialogue. This is a fast paced novel where redemption is found on the saddle of a Harley."
--Garry Ryan, author of the Detective Lane mysteries



Fatal Error

Book 2 of BackTracker Series

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“Wise, haunting, deeply moving…unforgettable!”

Sequel to THE TRAZ. Follow Katrina in her next book.


Four lives intertwined by fate may lead to one fatal error…
When the police chopper rescues her from The Traz biker compound, fourteen-year-old Katrina thinks she’s escaping her brutal past. But she soon discovers that the cops know her darkest secrets, and she slides into an emotional hell of horror and guilt.

Shrug, the undercover officer who recruited her to the gang, struggles to undo the harm he has inflicted, but his attempts to protect Katrina spiral out of control. His boss, Sergeant Kindle, knows nothing can be forgotten and much must be forgiven before Katrina or Shrug will be free from the aftermath of the police sting.

Complicating matters, Katrina's dream relationship with another undercover officer, Chad, hits a major firewall when she discovers he's engaged. Just one fatal error could send Katrina, and everyone else involved, down a path of destruction that could leave no survivors. 




Book 3 of BackTracker Series

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"Be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions..."

"A tale of comfort and hope that we, too, can slay our own dragons."



While working with the Alberta Police force, young Constable Katrina Randal has become a master at breaking through computer security in her pursuit of cybercrime but when the criminals behind the firewalls turn out to be villains from her past, her job takes on a much more dangerous tone. Obsessed with haunting memories and wracked by emotions she sometimes can’t name, her nightmarish ordeal turns uglier as she ignores orders and takes to the street to lure the criminals from the shadows of cyberspace to face justice. Imprisoned by dark thoughts and dangerous behaviours, it’s not until her career is in shambles that she realizes that neither her war against crime nor her struggle with Post Traumatic Stress are battles she can win alone. However, the walls she’s built to protect her heart from pain and betrayal, don’t tumble easily. As she slides deeper into the darkness, she fears she’s waited too long to trust and love; her criminal associates from the past are on the verge of stealing her future and Corporal Chad Leslie, who she’s loved since the beginning of time, is mere steps away from walking out of her life forever.





Book 4 of BackTracker Series

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Fast-flowing follow-up to FIREWALLS, and continues the saga of young Katrina Buckhold's fight against The Traz biker gang. 


Sergeant Kindle is counting on his top secret Operation MaxTracker team to thwart a surging attempt by criminal gangs to hijack cyberspace and take control of the world.

The tremendous power of the defensive system the team is creating and the potential for its abuse, has computer guru, Katrina Buckhold, on edge. Shrug, Head of Project Security, is supposedly keeping everyone and everything safe, but based on her past experiences with him, she's not confident he's up to that task.

Katrina's toughest battles, though, are not against those threatening cyberspace but against those who are concerned about her ability to raise her children, and Shrug's not helping with that, either.

Then unspeakable tragedy strikes, stripping all friendships to the core and laying bare the stunning truths behind the secrets, fears and mistrust.

Shadow Riders

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From the moment she falls in love with the ‘bad boy’, the very core of her being is forever changed. He’s strong and mysterious and he loves her. But if Allie doesn’t break free of Carbon’s abusive hold, justice for six dead men will forever be denied. Shadow Riders is parallel novel to the BackTracker series with appearances by the beloved BackTracker series.



Allison Montgomery is wrapping up a career as a successful entrepreneur when she’s brutally kidnapped and whisked to South Korea. To ensure her survival, she gradually forges a bond with Carbon, her smooth-talking but abusive captor, a bond that over time proves incredibly strong. A criminal record, death threats, counseling—nothing can convince Allie to betray her illicit lover.

However, a team of dedicated cops, an understanding lawyer, her ex-husband— there are those who persist in believing she can break free of Carbon’s hold.

She must; justice for six massacred men depends on it.



Schrödinger's Cat

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A psychological crime thriller that spans two universes.  



Chordelia, straddling two of the realities proposed in Everett’s Many Worlds Theory of Quantum Physics, has no idea how distorted the line is between choice and fate. In one of her worlds, Chorie’s young daughter is dying—a drama that quickly contaminates her other, much rosier, reality.


Before long, the emotional burden of dealing with two separate lives spawns heated legal battles, endangers her role as mother and wife, and causes people in both universes to judge her insane. As her lives begin to crumble, so does Chorie’s heart and mind. When Dr. Penny, a man with disturbing, murky, hypnotic eyes offers to rid her of the life that’s causing so much pain, she must decide if she is willing to sacrifice the chance to be with her dying child for the chance to save her marriage and experience happiness. She thinks she’s planned it well—she’s researched her choices, prepared herself for the consequences, put everything in place. She makes her decision. However....Life, as it has the propensity to do, strikes back with the dark and unexpected.

"This story is told masterfully from the beginning to the end, and the end is one that really leaves you thinking. Just like a good episode of "The Twilight Zone", this story will have you questioning the boundaries of science and reality."




Dispassionate Lies

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"DISPASSIONATE LIES is a brilliant lyrically gifted work..."

"It will surprise, titillate and fascinate you" 





The year is 2035 and the world’s emerging from a devastating economic collapse. Computer guru, Ladesque, finds her task of restoring the world’s internet capabilities, dull until... She’s approached by an attractive FBI agent intent on recruiting her to an ultra-secret project. There’s only one problem—the asexuality she was born with, vanishes and she’s left struggling with her libido.



Project W.Olf

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The Project W.Olf research at the University of Wainwright, is raising red flags.



He longs for his wolf pack but murder, romance and science is keeping him confined. Wildlife biologist, Peter Kane, would much rather be in the wilderness studying his wolves but he’s committed to his role as a research subject for the Wainwright University’s Olfactory Project.



Implanted with the wolfen olfactory gene as an experiment, Peter’s sense of smell has increased one hundred fold—but so have the dangers and among those dangers is Marie. She’s a victim of an illicit lab where ghastly experiments have stolen her memory and altered her aging. She’s beautiful, vulnerable and needs his help.