Larissa Russell and Emma Deacon

Author Information

Residence: Edmonton, Alberta

Larissa Russell is the owner of Creative U. Born in Toronto Canada, Larissa spent most of her life in Edmonton, Canada. Larissa has had a varied life of hardship, and learning. Larissa has over 30 years of experience with creative endeavors, as well as spiritual and creative healing. Larissa is a writer, artist, and educator. She has taught arts, crafts, creativity, spirituality, healing modalities, and more. 

Illustrator Information

Hometown: Glendon, Alberta

Emma is in grade 3 and lives in a small farming town in Alberta. 

My Two Grandmas

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                                                                            The personal story of a little girl (Emma) growing up with two grandmas (one of which is Larissa Russell), who are gay. 

This book is to help Emma explain her family to her friends at school in hopes of making them understand. We hope this helps other kids in similar situations understand they are not alone.
A portion of funds raised will go to Queer Voicez, an organization to help the LGBT+ community have a voice so that we can help eliminate LGBT+ youth suicide.