Riley Quinn

Author Information

Residence: Morinville, Alberta

I’m a Canadian author and musician, with a passion for anything that involves creating. The more voices involved and the bigger the project, the more I want to be a part of it!

I started writing as a kid, and spent my early years copying the characters from my favourite books and writing them into new stories and adventures. Over time, that transitioned into a passion for writing novels, and with it came new original characters and plots.

I grew up in Western Canada, dividing my time between the Prairies, the Rocky Mountains, and the shores of the North West CoastIf I’m not writing, I’m usually playing music or vocal coaching for our local High School’s competitive theatre program.


Lost Boys

Book One of the Lost Boys Trilogy

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No rules.

No adults. No way out.

Welcome to the Darkwoods.


Deep in a mystical wood, four clans of boys live in treehouses, their story lost in time and their pasts buried with it. Leonardo, a member of Raven Clan, sets out to discover a trail of dark secrets which lead him to question everything he’s ever known about the woods he calls home. 




The Cove

Book 2 of the Lost Boys Trilogy

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Thought you knew the woods?

Think again. 


After breaking away from the Ravens, Leonardo, Moth, Pinch, and the others were supposed to find a new home in the Cove. But sirens fill the ocean waters, magic tangles with reality, and a pirate ship prowls the shore. If Leonardo and his clan want to survive this harsh place, they’ll need to adapt fast.



The Dark

Book 3 of the Lost Boys Trilogy

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It all comes down to this.

Are you afraid of the Dark? 



Leonardo and the survivors return north to where their journey began, in search of allies to fight The Dark—a tangible nightmare seeking blood. But every plan is dashed by a new setback and the Dark draws closer by the day. Leonardo must outthink all of his enemies at once, or the woods—and all of its children—will vanish.



The Lost Boys Complete Collection Box Set

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You'll get all three books from the Lost Boys Trilogy signed by the author, in a rigid collector’s edition slipcase. 

  • Lost Boys (Book 1)
  • The Cove (Book 2)
  • The Dark (Book 3)