Tyler J. Sundt

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Residence: St. Paul, Alberta

Tyler has been an avid writer, finding solace in creating dark worlds with sinister characters doing horrible things to genuine people. He lives in a small town with his girlfriend and her loving daughter and she inspires him to write and publish his vast works for the world to enjoy. The Evil That Came From The Sky is his first ever publication and took him nearly twelve years, off and on, to write. If it wasn't for his girlfriend, it would still be in a box with the other hundreds of books he started, festering and withering away. He is a huge fan of fantasy/sci-fi/horror/epic/darkcomedy and all the genres that dig deep into your core and leave you reeling once you've read a book. This is the beginning of his journey to revitalize his old works and work more toward his new stuff. Be sure to lookout for new books coming soon!

The Evil That Came From The Sky

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A medieval/sci-fi fantasy/horror filled with action, wonderful characters, and horrific circumstances.


On a violent medieval world plagued by egotism and misogynist lords and soldiers, a young girl and her brother fall victim to a sinister alien object that comes from the sky and changes their lives forever. As they and a handful of survivors flee for safety from the sinister endeavors of the strange object, their sanity and hearts will be tested to the limit.

Will they overcome the apocalyptic events or join the "blackness"? Is this "evil that came from the sky" the only terrible obstacle they will encounter on their perilous journey? Is there any hope against such horrifying odds? There is only one way to find out...

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