Gnome on the Roam

Gnome on the Roam

Hello! My name is Reika and I will be going around visiting other libraries this year. Don't worry. I'm fully vaccinated and I promised to self-quarantine between each of my stops to be on the safe side.

I will send lots of pictures and letters to my friend Mr. Gnomersen at St. Paul throughout my journey and he will upload photos and my letter to this page under each library as I visit them.


Where is Reika? Follow Reika's travel route starting from St. Paul

Reika is on her way to Wainwright Public Library

Reika's Travel Log

As Reika visits each library, her letters and pictures from each library will be added below. Click on each library to see her adventures in each library

Bonnyville Municipal Library - March 22, 2021

Dear Mr. Gonmersen.

I had so much fun at Bonnyville!

I arrived at Bonnyille yesterday morning and have been exploring the library since. You wouldn't believe the amount of amazing resources they have at Bonnyville. It was so inspiring (wink). There were even nine public computers to choose from! I am writing you this letter on one of them.

I had a close call though. When I peaked outside of library window, I almost made an eye contact with one of the patrons who were using Wi-Fi in the parking lot. I swear. I was sweating! I'm not supposed to get caught moving by people after all.

I had an amazing time singing Storytime songs with Miss Kat. You should check out their website ( You can watch the videos from virtual programs and read up on all kinds of resources and updates there!

Last night, I fell asleep under beautiful flowers while reading up on local history books I found in the reference section. I woke up just in time to meet lovely library lady Leah. She was kind enough to stamp my passport for me. I recommended Gnomes by Wil Huygen for her as a parting gift. I hope she will like reading it!

Anyways, I better cut this letter short. I have a full day of tracking to do if I want to make it to Cold Lake by end of this month! 



Cold Lake Public Library - April 7, 2021

Dear Mr. Gnomersen,


I made it to Cold Lake just before library closed! It was a close call. Imagine my shock when I found out that library was closing again.

I had a great time visiting the libraries (yes, there are two branches!) I sat on Wolverine's arm as he read 'Where the Wild Things Are' to me and met China at the North Branch of library. China is a 11 year old turtle at the North Branch. She was so cute! I didn't take any pictures of her though... You will need to visit her when library is open! 

At night, I camped under couple of books and fell asleep reading a tiny book they they prepared for me. I hope I can read enough books to enter into Cold Lake Library's Spring Bingo challenge in time.

Everyone is busy with curbside so I better sneak out. I will be listening to their podcasts on my way to Lac La Biche! Want to listen to same podcast as me?



Lac La Biche County Libraries - April 20, 2021

Dear Mr. Gnomersen,


I made it to Lac La Biche, it was chillier and snowier than I expected but I was soon warmed by the friendly smiles of the staff. I was able to help with curbside pick-up, answering phones and getting books out to patrons. When I went to the receiving area to help pack some books the rascally ILL clerk tried to ship me to Panama, luckily, I escaped to the safety of the Director’s office.


Later in the afternoon I got to try out some of the new collections they’re rolling out in Lac La Biche. I got to play the ukulele and the Djembe from their new Music Lending Library. I got to be the first to try out their new cake pan collection, we used the unicorn mold to make a majestic unicorn cake. Musical instruments and cake pans, what will libraries think of next!


As the day ended I climbed the library’s telescope to watch the stars. I Stayed there all-night finding constellations and looking for the planets, it was so beautiful. You’ll have to give it a try as soon as the library gets it ready for circulation.  I need to head for Ashmont before the ILL clerk sends me to Panama so I have to go now.




Ashmont Public Library - June 11, 2021

Dear Mr. Gnomersen,


It's been a while since I mailed you my pictures. I have been in Ashmont Public Library. It's my first time in school library and it was fun! I arrived just after school closed and had to sneak in. I wanted to play some hide and seek with kids before I head out.

I had all kinds of fun while I was there. I made tea, climbed a plant, got snack out of bending machine, used school's PA system, and more!

I'm going to Smoky Lake next! I'm really excited! 



Smoky Lake Public Library - June 29, 2021

Dear Mr. Gnomersen,


How are you doing Gnomersen? I'm literally melting away... It's been just waaaaaaay to hot recently.  I stayed inside library for most of my stay to avoid becoming Reika-puddle. The librarians were really nice to me and allowed me to browse through their books and take a nap on their couch. I don't think I would have recovered otherwise. 

Once I got my rest (and lots and lots of water!), I was back on my feet. I played hide and seek in the library and read some more books. I'm really excited about Summer Reading Program. Unfortunately, I will be missing out on their Storywalk but I look forward to all other great things that are happening!

On my last day, they took me out to a tour of Smoky Lake. I got to go to the CN Museum (CN Museum - Smoky Lake), two different parks (I went down the red slide on one of them<3), sat on a giant pumpkin! Also, also! The librarians bought me a donut at the Old Fashioned Bread Bakery! 

I better head out to Boyle before it gets too hot again. I will be munching on the donut all the way there. 

Stay cool!




Boyle Public Library - July 13, 2021

Dear Mr. Gnomersen,


How are you doing? I made it to Bolye without melting in the heat wave! It's still hot but not as hot as last week here. Phew!

Guess what! I made it to Boyle in time for Hometown Hero Read-A-Long! I actually got to listen the read-along by retired CFL player over Zoom! Did you get a chance to zoom in as well?

After I joined Read-A-Long, I looked through bookshelves and found some really interesting books! I couldn't resist plopping down on a couch to read them.

The librarian was so nice and let me join their Summer Reading Program! Their big game board was soooooo cool!! Do you see me on top of the prize shelf by the board? I made a run down the shelf right after the picture. (I didn't want to me mistaken for a prize...)

Just before writing this letter, I was on computer. I couldn't resist the colorful keyboard.

I will be heading off to Athabasca next. Bye for now!




Alice B. Donahue Library & Archives - August 20, 2021

Dear Mr. Gnomersen,

I hope you are doing well! I have survived the thick of the heatwave and had a nice, cool visit in Athabasca. I’m not at the risk of melting anymore!

I got to take part in an online Storytime with Cheryl, Maggie, and Gus. We read ‘How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Read?’ by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague and make a dinosaur craft. I learned quite a bit about dinosaurs (they were a lot bigger than I am) and had a fun time.

I alternated between reading inside in the comfy chairs and outside on the bench and lawn. It was almost like I was on holiday!

I’m heading off to my next adventure in Rochester tomorrow. Talk soon!


Rochester Municipal Library - Coming Soon

Please check back with us at later date

Newbrook Public Library - October 4, 2021

Dear Mr. Gnomersen,

It's almost Thanksgiving! I hope you are doing well!

I'm really excited here at Newbrook Public Library. The Storytime book the librarian found me was amazing! It's a great Thanksgiving book. I highly recommend!

It's starting to really feel like fall here in Thorhild with all the great decorations around the library. I made a new pumpkin friend while playing 'where is Reika' and got to talk about Poe with a raven friend. NEVERMORE! Call me a Reika The Bird Whisperer.

I will be staying in a small house at the library during the weekend. It's not too big, not too small, it's just the right size for me. I already have my things unpacked there and ready to rock. 


Sincerely, Reika.

PS. Save some turkey for me!

Radway Public Library - Oct. 27, 2021

Dear Mr. Gnomersen,

Made it to Radway! It was a long walk. 

Did you know Radway Library is one of the oldest in the province? It started as project of the Radway High School Literary Society in 1943.  Students and staff earned over $500 through fundraising, and put half their funds towards sponsoring a library.   It's a beautiful library with long interesting history! You should visit here sometime too! 

The manager was really nice and she took a picture of me relaxing on pumpkin to be sent to you. Do you recognize the picture in the background? Hint. There is a similar picture in St. Paul too.

Library is really close to the post office. I did not have to go far to mail this to you. Hopefully, it will get to you soon.

I'm heading off to Thorhild next. I'm debating whether to mail myself to Thorhild or hitchhike my way there. I will let you know which one I choose in the next letter!



Northern Lights Library System - November 15, 2021

Dear Mr. Gnomersen,

Just a quick update on my adventures. Caught a ride from a nice man in a white van and here I am! Northern Lights Library System…the place is like a maze. Oh! My! gnome! I’m having the best time. I’ve made a new friend; his name is Code A. Pillar and people take him out all the time. From what I gather, he’s some sort of child entertainer.
Caught a ride with Cody and saw some of the sights.

Cody showed me a room with a vault. He’s never been able to get in as you must turn the handle round. I have to say, we were quite inventive. I might have a few bruises, but we managed to bust the place open. With one flick of his tail (more like 7), I shot into the air. I truly feel this is how William Shatner felt on his space flight!

My gnome! There are thousands of books! After gnoming through them, I have found the perfect item to share with my new friend Cody.

We spent the rest of the day watching home movies and eating snacks from the concession. That Uncle Gnome is quite the Character.

I’m starting to feel a little restless like the Littlest Hobo… can’t stay to long in one place.
I’ve exchanged addresses with Cody, now waiting for the white van to arrive.
Will write soon.

All the best,

Thorhild & District Municipal Library - Coming Soon

There seem to be a mail delay. Gnomersen will update as soon as he gets it.

Redwater Library - December 24, 2021

Hello Everyone!

I've had a lovely time at the Redwater Library these last few weeks. I met new friends and did a lot of climbing!

Had a welcome get-together with Bear, Bunny, and Turtle. 

Played some computer games in Children's Area

Had a heart-to-heart with Mr. James Pond, the Beta Fish (a fish of few words)

Put on a Gnome show.

Helped make buttons for cardboard snowman

Got lost in the chaos of the Redwater workroom during Kris Kringle Mingle preparations.

Climbed to the top of the Children's Area Christmas tree for a nice view

Found a cozier spot for a nap in the other Christmas tree

Had a lay-about with Toothless on top of the stacks and read an autobiography.

Now I am on my way to Bon Accord Library to ring in the new year!

- Reika

Bon Accord Library - Coming soon

Mr. Gnomersen will update once letter arrives from Reika. Please check back at later date

Morinville Community Library - Jan 28, 2022

Dear Mr. Gnomersen,

My first stop at Morinville Community Library was visit to Thor, MCL’s panther chameleon! I heard it's everyone's first stop. Thor’s homeland is just about as far away from Iceland as you can get, in hot, humid Madagascar. What a small world! Never thought I would meet someone from other side of globe in library! Can you see him in the picture? I shared same branch with him and sat down for a chat.

That being said, I did find something a little more like what I'm used to! Polar bears don’t live in Iceland, but they do occasionally drift over on the ice floes from neighbors like Norway and Greenland. Wow, one of the best parts of the library really is that you can go all around the world without leaving your town! I even met a penguin from the North Pole!

I also met a new friend named Bernie. He looked little cold, so we decided to share a scarf!

Morinville Library have a lot of cool things – one thing that Morinville Community Library has that’s a bit different is the Braille collection. I decided to check it out to see if I can learn some. If you see dents in my letter, consider it my attempt at braille writing!

When library director, Isabelle was away, I helped out by filling in her chair! It was a big shoe to fill in! 

Lastly (I know you are dying to hear about it), I met bunch of other library gnomes in Morinville! We sat on a couch together to talk!  We need to have Library Gnome meeting over Zoom (or in person) one day! 

I'm heading off to Holden now. Talk to you soon!



Holden Library - Coming Soon

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Viking Municipal Library - March 1

Mr. Gnomersen is working on it. Please give him some time

Wainwright Public Library - Coming Soon

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