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We are closed to the public as of April 7th. Please use our curbside services for your needs.

Gnome on the Roam

Gnome on the Roam

Hello! My name is Reika and I will be going around visiting other libraries this year. Don't worry. I'm fully vaccinated and I promised to self-quarantine between each of my stops to be on the safe side.

I will send lots of pictures and letters to my friend Mr. Gnomersen at St. Paul throughout my journey and he will upload photos and my letter to this page under each library as I visit them.


Where is Reika? Follow Reika's travel route starting from St. Paul

Reika has left Cold Lake and is on her way to Lac La Biche!

Reika's Travel Log

As Reika visits each library, her letters and pictures from each library will be added below. Click on each library to see her adventures in each library

Bonnyville Municipal Library - March 22nd

Dear Mr. Gonmersen.

I had so much fun at Bonnyville!

I arrived at Bonnyille yesterday morning and have been exploring the library since. You wouldn't believe the amount of amazing resources they have at Bonnyville. It was so inspiring (wink). There were even nine public computers to choose from! I am writing you this letter on one of them.

I had a close call though. When I peaked outside of library window, I almost made an eye contact with one of the patrons who were using Wi-Fi in the parking lot. I swear. I was sweating! I'm not supposed to get caught moving by people after all.

I had an amazing time singing Storytime songs with Miss Kat. You should check out their website ( You can watch the videos from virtual programs and read up on all kinds of resources and updates there!

Last night, I fell asleep under beautiful flowers while reading up on local history books I found in the reference section. I woke up just in time to meet lovely library lady Leah. She was kind enough to stamp my passport for me. I recommended Gnomes by Wil Huygen for her as a parting gift. I hope she will like reading it!

Anyways, I better cut this letter short. I have a full day of tracking to do if I want to make it to Cold Lake by end of this month! 



Cold Lake Public Library - April 7, 2021

Dear Mr. Gnomersen,


I made it to Cold Lake just before library closed! It was a close call. Imagine my shock when I found out that library was closing again.

I had a great time visiting the libraries (yes, there are two branches!) I sat on Wolverine's arm as he read 'Where the Wild Things Are' to me and met China at the North Branch of library. China is a 11 year old turtle at the North Branch. She was so cute! I didn't take any pictures of her though... You will need to visit her when library is open! 

At night, I camped under couple of books and fell asleep reading a tiny book they they prepared for me. I hope I can read enough books to enter into Cold Lake Library's Spring Bingo challenge in time.

Everyone is busy with curbside so I better sneak out. I will be listening to their podcasts on my way to Lac La Biche! Want to listen to same podcast as me?



Lac La Biche County Libraries - Comming soon!