Puzzle Exchange

Please read the rules carefully before filling out this form. Please note that by filling out this form, you agree to the terms and conditions of the exchange


  1. Puzzles Only
  2. Puzzles must have all pieces
  3. Any left over puzzles may get a) sent to clothing exchange b) sold off c) donated to different organizations

How it will be run

How it will be run:

  1. You must drop off your puzzle(s) at the library between September 14-18. You will need to either fill out the online registration form ahead of time or bring the printed registration form with you at the drop off. Printable Form can be found HERE
  2. List of all board games collected will go on web on September 20th for those who brought games to pick and choose. You will be contacted via email when the list goes live.
  3. Contact us to arrange for pick up of the puzzles you want. Pick up of the puzzles will be arranged on first come first serve basis. Once you arrange for pick up, the puzzle’s status will change to 'Pending'. If you do not pick up your puzzle on the arranged date, it will be given to second person who asked for the game. Please contact us for re-arrangement if needed.
  4. Once someone picks up the puzzle, its status will change to 'Not Available'

Puzzle List and Pick Up Form