Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program2021

How it works:

  • Register as either a family or an individual to be assigned your Hogwarts house
  • Gain points for your house by reporting back to the library your reading progress
    • For kids under 12: 1 point for 5 books read
    • For kids 13-17: 1 point for 5 hours of reading
    • For adults: 1 point for 5 hours of reading
    • For families: reading time/books can be combined among family members
  • Completing weekly challenges will also add to your house’s point total



  • For every challenge you complete, you get an entry into your house’s draw as well as being able to pick a prize from our prize bin
  • The more points your house gets, the more chances you get to win the big draw prize at the end of the summer

If you are registering as a family, please give us names and ages of members of your family.