Virtual Escape

Escape from Stories

Quick and fast escape room with bit of challenge! Can you find your way out of stories?  Click HERE to play!

Murder Mystery Night

You received a suspicious invite to an event. Can you solve the murder case and/or escape from the mansion before another death? This multi-episode event was written based on submissions. 

Episode 1: Who Killed Cock Robin? Play Episode 1 HERE 

Episode 2: Another Death. Play Episode 2 HERE

Epilogue: Majority of participants guessed correct culprit after episode 2. Play Epilogue HERE

Azkaban Breakout

Harry Potter themed escape room in celebration of Harry's 40th birthday

Click HERE to play

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Escape from Death Star

Virtual escape room that was made in celebration of May the 4th in 2021. Can you escape from Death Star before Luke blows it up?

Enjoy! Click HERE to play

Stuck? Ask for hint!

If you are stuck, please let us know. We will give you a hint to help you escape!