Mission & General Objectives

Mission Statement

The staff and volunteers of St. Paul Municipal Library provide literacy-related services and programs to our community


Date Reviewed: April 19 2012

General Objectives

  • To establish, maintain and preserve, in an organized collection, books and selected educational, cultural, and recreational material in order to meet the needs of the community 
  • To serve as a centre of reliable information
  • To provide opportunity and encouragement for continuous education to all people in the community
  • To support educational, civic, and cultural activities of groups and organizations 
  • To seek continually to identify community needs, to provide services to meet such needs, and to cooperate with other organizations, agencies, and institutions which can provide programs or services
  • To service all residents of the community regardless of religious, social and political status * To provide information, programs, and services that support literacy development to people of all ages


Date Reviewed: April 19 2012